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We offer Speed Development Coaching Courses and Training Programs for Novice to High-Performance Athletes, Coaches, PE Teachers and Parents.

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Speed Demon Coaching® offers a range of online speed courses suitable for parents, Physical Education (PE) teachers and community level coaches. These courses have been designed by Dr Andrew Dawson an award winning coach educator with more than 30 years’ experience and designing and teaching coaching and sport science at both Deakin University and Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Dawson combines his knowledge and experience in coaching and sports science education with his extensive experience and success as a high-performance track coach.

All of the online speed courses listed below include the following topics as they apply to all levels of coach expertise:

Coaching Principles

Squad & Team Development

Training Program Development

Talent Identification & Development

Sport Psychology

Strength & Conditioning

Agility & Speed Development

Sports Nutrition


The Little Speed Demon Coaching Course

Running fast is an essential skill for most sports, whether you are playing football, basketball, baseball, hockey, cricket competing in cross country, running on the track or just wanting to get really fit and run faster.

If you are a coach, a parent or a PE teacher, Speed Demon Coaching is where you’ll learn how to coach people to run faster ! The Little Speed Demon Coaching course has been designed by Dr Andrew Dawson, a high-performance track coach and sport scientist with more than 30 years’ experience coaching athletes of all ages and ability levels to run faster.

When you sign up to the Little Speed Demon Coaching course you’ll join a community of coaches, parents and teachers who will help you develop your speed, power and agility coaching skills. You can choose between several different courses designed for different sports, age groups and ability levels. Installing the app is free of charge.

If you prefer to learn from you smart phone or tablet you can enrol
in our courses via the Speed Demon Coaching App:

Personal sports Coaching

Speed Demon Training Programs are for any athletes who want to improve their speed to be more successful in their chosen sport. We provide training programs for track athletics, basketball, baseball, cricket, football (all codes), netball, field hockey and ultimate frisbee.

Speed Demon Training Programs are for athletes who want to take their speed development to the next level. All of the training methods have been developed by Dr Andrew Dawson who is a nationally accredited High-Performance track coach based in Melbourne, Australia.

There are 3 different Speed Demon Training Program packages based on your sport performance needs:

Make an appointment for a FREE 30 minute Performance Profile and Assessment with Dr Andrew Dawson valued at $147 (USD)

In the Speed Demon Pro training package you will get

Individualised and integrated training programs that include:

Make an appointment for a FREE 30 minute Performance Profile and Assessment with Dr Andrew Dawson valued at $147 (USD)

When you sign up for the Speed Demon Pro Training service you will make an appointment with Dr Andrew Dawson to discuss your training needs and goals and from there you will meet either

Gold package

Weekly Zoom Meeting

Silver package

Fortnightly Zoom Meeting

Bronze package

Monthly Zoom Meeting

to work on enhancing your speed development.

Make an appointment for a FREE 30 minute Performance Profile and Assessment with Dr Andrew Dawson valued at $147 (USD)


Little Speed Demon Program

Fantastic end-to-end course on how to coach your child to run faster. I particularly enjoyed the broad content covering theory & research behind running technique, strength training guidance, drills to improve running technique, and detailed & fun training sessions to put it all into practice!

Father of Maggie aged 11

I think the LITTLE SPEED DEMON coaching course is a great tool for people to learn how to coach individuals to run faster.

Father of Jess aged 12

The LITTLE SPEED DEMON coaching course was so enlightening for learning how to coach as well as speed development tips for our children. The children loved the program and are looking forward to continuing it over the school holidays. The program is designed not only to help children but also the parents (coaches) with their running style. – Thank you Andrew

The Wright family

Hi Andrew, I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you. My daughter Piper has always dominated middle/long distance events but has never seen success in the shorter distances. A few weeks ago after beginning the LITTLE SPEED DEMON program, Piper won a 70m sprint at Little Athletics. Having done a lot of hard work on her running, she convincingly won her 100m with a PB and beat a competitor she could never pass in the sprints. She is so proud of herself 🙂 Thank you for producing a course that allows us to better our children.

Mother of Piper aged 6

Learning how to coach my kids to run faster has been brilliant!! The SPEED DEMON Coaching program for parents has taught me so much about developing speed & power for lots of different sports.

Father of Ben aged 12

Speed Demon Pro Training

Andrew has been an incredible coach and mentor for my daughter, Chiara. She has won multiple state age-group championships over 100m, 200m and 400m and has won Bronze at the national age-group championships for the Girls U17 200m in 2019. I can’t thank you enough mate…

Lou Santiglia
Father of Chiara

Andrew has helped me run much faster than I ever believed I could . Over two seasons with Andrew I have managed to win several masters sprint titles which has been an unexpected delight. Andrew seems to find the right way to get the best out of you. He knows when and how to push you to work harder and then pull things back so you are prepared for the big meets. Amazing… thanks coach!!

Maria Cahill
Masters athlete

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